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     Patanjali's Raja Yoga Sutras

What is Yoga? In today's fast paced, Western world it is tempting to believe that Yoga is a series of gymnastic movements done at the local fitness center. As Yoga has come West from India, a focus on bodily development has become the prime motivation of many yoga practitioners and yoga centers.

Hatha Yoga has spread like wildfire and we are now happy to find a Yoga studio in every town. However, how much attention is being paid to what the great sages of Yoga felt was, in fact, most important? Preparation of the body is indeed a very important component of the Yogic tradition, and yet, what is it being prepared for?

The Secrets of Yoga

The answer to what Yoga truly is--what its foundation is made of and why one must prepare the body--lies within the classic work called the Yoga Sutras by the great sage of Yoga and Sanskrit, Patanjali. In less than 200 short, but pithy statements, Patanjali lays out the whole of the Yogic philosophy. In fact, in the second statement we are told what Yoga is:                                                            


Many have translated this profound statment as: Yoga is the stopping or inhibiting of the movements of the mind. But is this correct? Could there in fact be a more humane, and ultimately more useful, translation and application? Most certainly there is! These waters run deep and are dense with potential.

Come to an eye opening and entertaining new look at an age-old subject that is every bit as accessible as it is practical.

Find out what yogis of old knew and used to revolutionize living. The secrets of the text known as the Yoga Sutras apply today as much as they did thousands of years ago.

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