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   India's Sacred Language


One of the world's oldest known languages, Sanskrit carries in it's very words the essence of the wisdom of a multitude of great thinkers, philosophers and sages spanning over at least five millennia of Indian history.

Still a spoken language in parts of India today, Sanskrit remains the vehicle upon which India's sacred and profound knowledge is carried forth for further generations.

Sanskrit may not be as foreign as you might think! Scholars the world over now recognize that most European languages spoken today (including English) have thier roots in a mother tongue called "Indo-European" which originated in the area we call India today.

Therefore it may be suprising, but is true, that there are many english words which still carry their genetic heritage of Sanskrit. A simple example is the Sanskrit word "sarpa", as an obvious forebearer of our word "serpent".


   The Golden Key

Sanskrit holds within its depths the key to unveiling the open secrets of India's grand legacy of knowledge and wisdom. At the center of Vedic culture are indeed the Vedas----India's crown-jewel for classical bodies of knowledge. However, there flows out of the four Vedas literally thousands of texts all based on the core understandings laid out in the Veda. It is said that there are more classical works simply lying untranslated on shelves in India than there are comparable classical works in the west altogether!

To fully access the Veda and its universal, foundational Truth a knowledge of Sanskrit is, in fact, a seeming pre-requisite. Beyond the Veda there is a myriad of literature, poetry and prose of countless inspired thinkers and philosphers and aritists.


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