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   Tools For Sanskrit


  • Easily type Sanskrit, Hindi and Transliteration in most software programs.
  • Can be used for e-mail correspondence and attachments.
  • Quickly switch between typing modes easily creating mixed modality documents.
  • Includes a detailed, user-friendly PDF Guide with easy to follow instructions and tables for all keyboard layouts.
  • Windows compatible, not for Mac at this time, sorry!

How To Start...

Step #1 Download the software and install. The installer will automatically install the components you need except for Sanskrit 2003 font.

Step #2 Click the Sanskrit 2003 link above to navigate to the site for this free font download--once there just click the link in blue that says "Sanskrit 2003". Download the zip file and drag/drop the font into your fonts folder. (see Guide)

Step #3 Read the PDF Guide's "Quick Installation" to get your system properly configured.


What Is It?

VedicVidya Keyboards Installation Package is comprised of two separate “virtual” keyboards, fonts and a PDF manual. Both virtual keyboards overlay the Devanagari and transliteration characters atop the characters of the standard English keyboard. This allows users to compose any combination of Sanskrit, Hindi, or transliteration straight from an English keyboard.


For The Community

Vedic Vidya Institute presents these two keyboard layouts for the greater good of the Sanskrit/Hindi community. As the digital age brings the East and West closer together, the need for communication tools that maintain the integrity of language is becoming more crucial.

Though the Sanskrit/Hindi community has adapted through the development of technology, much of it has proved difficult to use and too complicated for the typical user.

Why Free?

Our motivation for creating these keyboards is to enrich Sanskrit/Hindi communication and scholarship.

Donations Appreciated

Your donation will help fund projects like this one, upkeep of this site, further development of this project and future projects.

We are truly a non-profit organization and remain operational through your kind generosity.

Please send checks or money orders to:

Vedic Vidya Institute

8528 Davis Blvd. #134-298

North Richland Hills TX, 76182










Comments and Suggestions

We do not offer technical support for this freeware, but we are interested in hearing about your experience with the VedicVidya Keyboards. Unfortunately we are not staffed to respond to all of your comments and suggestions. However, your comments will help us make improvements and develop future projects at Vedic Vidya Institute. 

Send your feedback to vedicvidyainstitute@gmail.com

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